- General brand T&C's
- You can't be affiliated with other accessory brands
- query's sent to hello@equiccessories.com
- We reserve the right at any point to remove your ambassador title if we feel that you have gone against our brand ethics, what our image stands for or failed to comply with any of the rules above.

- Facebook Rules and T&C's

- Please be active within the Facebook group
- Do not discuss orders within Facebook group
- Do not post content with other logos present

- Discount Link Setup
- Please visit here to get setup
- fill in your information
- you can create a discount code or a link
- add this link or discount code to your social media
- a discount will be applied and you will earn commission

- Own More Equiccessories
So, you have ordered your ambassador package but you want to own more that wasn't an option on the ambassador application page. To do this, click on the menu button from the top and select a category to view all of our available products, then at the checkout apply the discount code "EQARMY" without the quotations for 20% OFF any item from the website.

- Please do NOT use the successful ambassador application page for any further purchases, please use the main web store and apply the "EQARMY" discount code at the checkout. If you do, your order will be on hold, delayed and eventually refunded and not sent.

- how to get an Instagram Shoutout

- Upload a photo with clear HD quality
- the Equiccessories logo must be present
- After uploading the photo, click edit on the photo, 
- tap "tag people" then tag @Equiccessories
- Mention @Equiccessories in the description
- add your discount code
- Your photo will be then queued for upload
- Get more shout outs by uploading more
- Please do NOT tag us in random photos
- impressive uploads can lead to sponsorship's

- Get thousands of followers
- Equiccessories is now offering a service where we increase your social media following by around 1,000-3,000 followers a month. For more information please click here

- Instagram Accounts & Messages
- Equiccessories holds various instagram accounts which each have their own purpose, mainly to do with language support. You may receive messages from them if you have recently followed them or if you have double tapped on an instagram recruitment post.

- The Ambassador Role
- An Ambassador for Equiccessories means that you are now an official spokesperson for the brand. To help spread the word you can:

- add your discount link or code to your bio
- add our website to your bio

- add "Equiccessories Ambassador" to your bio
- follow other people that ride on instagram
- send them a message quoting your discount
- by doing regular posts offering discounts

- Tasks and duties will include improving sales, increasing brand awareness and becoming an active team player within the Facebook group. How you personally go about this will depend on your own personal skills and abilities. Networking and referring us to friends is a great starting point. As an Ambassador you should embody the brand identity in appearance, demeanour, values and ethics.

- Please note that building a brand is a very slow process and we appreciate your patience.

- Progressing with Equiccessories
- Sponsorship's can be obtained if: 

A) you have at least 50,000 followers on instagram
B) you have at least 10,000 subscribers on YouTube
C) you have at least 50,000 fans on Facebook or
D) impressive instagram content


"Thank you for being part of Equiccessories, we are very excited to be working with you and we know we that have made the right choice in selecting you as a new edition to our team and family."

Why not make a post inside the Facebook group and introduce yourself with Equiccessories merchandise"

Owner, Ashleigh Shaw